Twin Cities Low Income Housing

Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) sites, Section 8 project-based sites and Section 8 Vouchers were mapped at IRP. The maps have special emphasis toward families with children. The location and racial distribution of low income housing units shows both the concentration of units and people of color in low income housing near the core of the metropolitan area.

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Twin Cities Affordable Housing
Map shows where affordable housing was located, including market-rate housing in 1999
(PDF – 1.2 MB)
Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Sites, 2002
Map shows the pie racial distribution of LIHTC population in households with children. LIHTC data come from a survey, thus the map shows approximately 50% of all LIHTC sites in the Twin Cities.
(PDF – 1.2 MB)
Project-based Section 8 Sites, 2004
Map shows the pie racial distribution of Section 8 (project-based) population in family households.
(PDF – 1.3 MB)
Section 8 Vouchers, Location of Households, 2004
Map shows the number of all Section 8 Voucher households by zip code.
(PDF – 1.1 MB)
Section 8 Vouchers, Percentage Householders of Color, 2004
Map shows the percentage householders of color out of all who receive Section 8 Vouchers by zip code.
(PDF – 1.1 MB)

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