Close the Gap – TPT Documenatry


Produced by Twin Cities Public Television’s (tpt) MN Channel in partnership with The Itasca Project, the shows focus on Minnesotans facing daunting struggles because of the color of the skin, their income, and where they live. Each of these challenges is explored in separate half-hour episodes. These mini-documentaries use profiles of real people to explore the issues and are underscored by engaging interviews with the area’s most notable advocates, experts, educators, and activists. The series is also summarized in a one-hour special, “Close the Gap: the Case for Change,” which highlights key facts and stories.

Close the Gap: The Case for Change
tpt 2: Sunday, April 6, 6 pm

Making the Case
tpt 17: Saturday, April 12, 8 pm

Race Disparities
tpt 17: Saturday, April 19, 8 pm

Class Disparities
tpt 17: Saturday, April 26, 8pm

Place Disparities
tpt 17: Saturday, May 3, 8 pm

Making Change
tpt 17: Saturday, May 10, 8 pm

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