Council on Crime and Justice 50th Anniversary CLE and Forum


The Council on Crime and Justice will host two major events in October 2007, in celebration of their 50th Anniversary. Both events will be extraordinary, both will draw significant audiences, and will undoubtedly attract considerable media attention.

On Tuesday, October 9th, at 6:30 p.m., Malcolm Gladwell, the award-winning author of “Blink” and “The Tipping Point,” will speak at the Council’s annual Equal Justice Benefit at the Pantages Theater in Minneapolis. Gladwell’s speech will be based on a major study undertaken by the Council on the occasion of their 50th year, and will focus on “Minnesota’s Tipping Point.”

On Wednesday, October 10th, at an all day public Forum at the Minneapolis Convention Center, the findings of the study addressed in Gladwell’s speech will be fully unveiled. The study examines policy shifts in societal attitudes and other key developments in Minnesota over the past 50 years that have influenced the way our justice sytem works today. It will also consider changes that need to occur to improve our justice system. At the Forum, a Frameowrk for Minnesota’s Future will be developed that will enhance both justice and public safety over the next 50 years.

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